Ideas for Remodeling an Old House into a New Way

remodeling-an-old-house-into-a-new-wayTo save money, you may have bought an older home that needs a little work.  But if you bought a home that used to be beautiful in its day, why not take a little extra time to restore it back to its original finish and look?

More people than ever value the look of an older home, so restoring your space will not only create a lovely decor, but it will also increase the value of your home in the future.

You can start this process by stripping away everything that was added in the recent years.

For example, hardwood floors need to be stripped of any sealant and then sanded down to reveal the original wood grain.  You will also want to remove any wallpaper or paint that might have been added.  Take away any newer knobs and handles too.

Before you even begin this process, you will want to find out what your home is supposed to look like.  This can be done by looking at your local library for books with pictures of similar homes. Try to get a sense of the things you need to purchase and add back into your home.

If you get stuck, you can also call in a professional restoration service, or head over to remodelista and check out their “11 Money-Saving Remodeling Strategies from a Hollywood House Flipper“. Here it is the post

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