If you Were a Cat this is the The Bed You’d Buy

Rondo Cat BedFor those that love both style and their feline friends, Pet-Interiors has developed an item to accommodate both.

The Rondo is a sleek modern piece of furniture specifically directed at a cat’s needs while being fashionable enough to place in any room.

Often times, pet furniture is bulky pieces of carpeted wood that really have no place among the stylish decor of modern homes.

With the Rondo, cat owners will have no qualms about placing this structure in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else that can easily be seen by guests.


The Rondo style is everything that a cat would request; oval in shape with a padded interior and a cover that a cat can sharpen their claws on without the worry of ruining or damaging anything.

The Rondo is fashionable enough to include among other pieces of furniture without embarrassment or pain. The Rondo fits in seamlessly with the décor of any room with the numerous covers available.


Ornament colors in gold, black, red, and silver are available as well as felt, wicker, and leather.

The Rondo comes in two styles; on a pedestal or mounted to a wall.

Create a whimsical look by placing multiple Rondos on a wall to make a kitty condo.

Cats are sleek and stylish and now their furniture can be the same.

No need to hide the cat’s favorite roost or feel embarrassed that their piece of furniture clashes with the room.

The Rondo provides a great way to include the cat in the decoration with its modern design.

Images courtesy pet-interiors.com

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