Secrets of The Awnings Pros No One Tells You

secrets-of-the-awnings-prosOwning retractable deck and patio awnings is the in-thing these days. Almost everyone wants to own them. However, companies providing these awnings ignore one crucial aspect of selling these products. Educating people on how to maintain them is something no one likes to share.

The secret is out at last! says:

“If you and I can’t sit on your patio and enjoy conversation and a drink because of the wind or rain…..if the weather chases us in the house…….retract the awning. But as long as the awning is mounted high enough on the home to achieve the proper angle or pitch, using your retractable awning in the rain is one of the more pleasurable experiences on the patio or deck.”

Some people, included myself didn’t know that…really. Next time it rains I’m going to try this out with my family 🙂

Image credit Harmony Shutters

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