How to Set up Your Small Bathroom in Seven Amazing Layouts


Bathrooms are one of the important places in our house, which need to be organized. If they were not clean or organized, then you would feel embarrassed when you have a guest over. Keep the bathroom light and tidy with the best decorations in it.

Thinking on a walk-in shower for your small bathroom? Here are some of the facts you should know about them:

Bathrooms with doorless showers are almost always custom designed…

Video : Doorless Showers How to Pull Off the Look

Placement of drainage and showerheads is important.

KOHLER MOXIE Showerhead + Wireless Speaker

Walk-in showers without doors do not require any special bathroom ventilation…

Video : Replacing a Bathtub with a Walk in Shower

If you are interested on more of these and other facts affecting a walk-in shower in your small bathrooms, read a full article at

To make it gorgeous, check out this wonderful slideshow I’ve found at, where they share “7 small bathroom layouts” we have to make your bathroom a comfortable place.

Don’t miss this one, you’re going to love them all.

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