Victorian Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

shabby-chic-decorating-ideasWhen it comes to Shabby Chic home decoration, we make sure we look for perfect ideas that can foster our creativity to make it look more real and beautiful. Starting from wall colors, to curtains, cabinets, furniture and much more, we need some perfectly assembled ideas that can help us understand where to start. The most important aspect that we need to take care of is our budget.

At you can get adorable and also creative ideas to a gorgeous Victorian home.  Step by step, this tour covers every corner of a wonderul 1870’s house… Shabby Chic is mostly distressed white, with soft pastels, and floral. Thus, this is what you’ll get:

  • Living Room : Cream and pastel tones with vintage florals

  • Bedroom: Learn decorative strategies, Keep some surfaces simple

  • Master bedroom: Seal everything with a matte acrylic sealer

  • Dining Room : Learn how the oversized scale of its furnishings gains impact

More details: Begin the journey into a real Shabby Chic Victorian home,

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