5 Best Tips to Shop at a Furniture Store Without Spending a Fortune

Shop at a Furniture Store Without Spending a FortuneIf you’ve ever headed into a furniture store just to look around, you’ve probably met the persistent sales person.

While they mean well, you probably want some time alone to make a decision on an expensive piece of furniture – without the influence of the sales team.  But it can seem like it’s impossible to shake these people off in favor of browsing on your own.

Here are some tips to make it possible:

  • Without ducking behind the microfiber sofas, you need a plan to escape the sales team.
  • You can start by being very clear about your intentions right as you walk in the door.
  • Let them know that you’re simply looking around and that if you are bothered, you will not be buying from the store.
  • While this sounds a little harsh, it will guarantee that you get some privacy.
  • Another tactic is that you can use is to simply ignore the sales person when they come to talk to you.

Just go about your business, but don’t look at them or say anything to them.  This will generally let them in on the fact that you’re not going to talk to them unless you absolutely have to.

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