Creative Ways To Decorate Illusionary Spaces for Small Apartments Designs

Decorating the home is not an activity limited to large palaces or sweeping mansions. Apartments often need the love and attention that can be given by decorating and should not be overlooked.

The problem many have with decorating apartments is size as most standard apartments are small in floor space. You do not have to live a cluttered lifestyle if you understand and employ the principles of decorating for small spaces.

There are several tips that will give the small apartment the appearance of space while giving it style and flavor.

33 Gorgeous DIY Projects To Decorate Your Grown Up Apartment

33 Gorgeous DIY Projects To Decorate Your Grown Up Apartment

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Floor space is important and gives a sense of freedom and flow and while this may be hard to achieve in small apartments, it is not that hard to emulate.

Buy furniture that will fit in the apartment without overwhelming the rooms. Couches without skirts will give the illusion of more floor space. Closets & storage is also important for smaller apartments.

There is an alternative to bulky book shelves that will take up much needed space. Furniture that doubles as storage space and hanging shelves will free up space and add a stylish flair.

A dark room cuts down on the impression of space, so keep the apartment well lit which is a great reason to buy chic floor and ceiling lamps. Mirrors can reflect the light and make rooms appear larger.

Another trick is that, if you must have a center table, either dining or coffee table, purchase one with a glass table top. Being able to see to the floor and not having this obtrusive metal or wooden item will make the room look larger and as if there is nothing there at all.

The impression of the room being open and free flowing with furniture and shelves that take up as little space as possible while still providing comfort and style is the key.

Cleverly Creative Ways To Decorate Your Rented Apartment

Cleverly Creative Ways To Decorate Your Rented Apartment

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Color is also an important item and can really bring together the room and the apartment. By using light colors and avoiding dark ones such as forest green, navy, and black, you can make the room look airy.

Upholstery for the furniture, the curtains, and even the carpet or rugs should be a light color and in a monochromatic color scheme to make a visually unobstructed appearance.

The apartment lifestyle does not have to be drab and boring, nor does it have to be cluttered and overwhelming.

Using the furniture to create illusions of more floor space, along with lights, color and mirrors can make any apartment trendy and wonderful.

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