Decorating your Terracotta Pots in Different Ways

Terracotta pots may seem plain, but they are anything but. There are so many things that you can do with a terracotta pot and they also come in many different shapes and sizes, meaning that you can take on different sized projects.

As for how you can go about decorating terracotta pots, you need to buy some. You can acquire them at your local department store, greenhouse, or lawn and garden store. They are rather easy to find.

Once you find the pots that you need, you can decorate them in the following ways:

  1. When it comes to decorating terracotta, you can do so in this very unique way: Buy 3 pots, a small fountain pump, a power source, plastic tubing, caulk, nails, and wood.What you are going to do is assemble all of these items to create a fountain. The wood builds the frame, the caulk plugs the holes in the top 2 pots, and the tubing helps make the water flow properly back into the top two pots. This will keep your fountain running continuously. I have found a similar idea at
  2. You can simply plant flowers in different size pots. You can place them strategically around the outside of your house. There is no limit to the types of plants that you can plant in your pots. This is one of the most traditional ways of decorating with terracotta.
  3. Aside from planting flowers, you can paint pots to get the look you wanted to. If you have different design ideas, you can paint those designs on your terracotta pots. This means that they don’t have to be plain.This can be one of the fun ways of decorating outdoor. You can do this with the kids and make it a family affair. And if you decide to build a fountain with your terracotta, you can still decorate them any way you want.

So decorating pots can be a lot of fun. These are just 3 of the ideas you can use when using terracotta  for planting/decorating as well as for floor tiles. You may have some ideas of your own that you may wish to use.

Use your imagination. No matter what you do, your idea will be unique and people will be wondering about what you have done and may even ask you about it. So don’t be afraid to flaunt what you have done and maybe even brag about it.

Marbled Terra Cotta Pots


Just in case you haven’t got the inspiration you needed. Here are 15 ideas you can use to paint your own potterracotta-pot-decorating

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