The Ideal Wardrobe Color Palette

The Ideal Wardrobe Color PaletteUtilizing color wheel as a guide to create eye-catching and trendy color combinations resolves a multitude of confusions and problems saves individuals from a serious wardrobe malfunction. Firstly, it is advisable to select colors right next to each other which lead to highly selective and creative color combinations. Secondly, colors right degree angled to each other such as violet-red and blue or green and orange etc. give highly rich and eye-catching color schemes.

Thirdly, blue and orange and all others right next to each other are utilized to create a complementary color palette whereas colors that form a T on the color wheel can never go wrong when applied to a certain wardrobe for any season. These include blue, orange and violet-red etc.

Lastly, colors that form an X are also utilized for creating subtle undertones or bold shades for accentuating a certain area on the attire.

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