The Tiny House Bus

The Tiny House Bus

A wonderful converted bus is what Andrew & Julie Puckket were always dreaming. This bus and all the renovation materials needed to transform it into a cozy home cost them less than 10.000$ .

the-tiny-house-bus1It all happened after they were forced out of the apartment they were living in for a few years. New property owners decided that the value of the building along with all apartments were undervalued, and they started to raise the rents over 25%, which is significantly higher. If you want to follow Andrew and Julie story, they do all the writing for their blog.

the-tiny-house-bus10 the-tiny-house-bus9 the-tiny-house-bus8 the-tiny-house-bus6 the-tiny-house-bus5 the-tiny-house-bus4 the-tiny-house-bus3 the-tiny-house-bus2  the-tiny-house-bus12

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