Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home… If you Had $1 Million

things You Obviously Need In Your New HomeHave you recently built or renovated your house and are currently on the lookout for the best items in home decor to create an impressive look?

Have you been pouring over magazines to find out what’s hot in the world of interior designing today? Buzzfeed; which is one of our favorites sites on the Internet, shared this year top 36 items that every home should have for a drop dead stunning look.


From sleepover rooms to a built-in TV for the bathroom. These things are unique and trending enough to at least have a look at. Perfect for people who have endless and deep wallets. Simply check out the last one ” A Slide Shortcut into the Pool ” to see what I mean.

Well.. it’s really worth to check out the list. There are some inspiring ideas within that you can possibly afford…

Head over to buzzfeed now for the complete roundup…”36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home”

Here is the original article…

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