Unbelievable $5,500 worth Patio Umbrella

Have you heard of the latest addition to Frontgate’s collection this year? It is unbelievable and yet exciting to explore this new idea, although it will cost you more than it would to own a personal swimming pool.

The $5,500 patio umbrella

Outdoor furniture experts say:

“A quality pool or patio umbrella can easily be found for under $1,000, with a sweet spot of $300-400 for many reputable brands and styles.”

Nonetheless, this umbrella is simply remarkable and the effect it creates is unmatched.

To read why this umbrella is creating waves in the market, you need to check the marketwatch’s article out. More details at the link below:

How to measure for an umbrella replacement cover

On this video you’ll learn to give you umbrella a new lease on life, with detailed instructions on how to measure it for a custom made replacement.

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