She Was not Happy With Her Small Cottage Kitchen and Did This Amazing Makeover

Very Creative Cottage Kitchen Makeover

We continuously hear from people who are not happy with their kitchens; in fact, some say that the kitchen in their new house is the testament to the fact that the old owners were not in favor of cooking at home – it comes with no counter space, no storage option for pots and pans, and the use of ancient appliances.

She couldn’t afford to knock down walls or replace everything, so they had to get a little creative. These are the before and after photos

Jennifer’s Cottage Kitchen Makeover Before


Jennifer’s Cottage Kitchen Makeover After


Well, you don’t have to live with this, as sometimes it’s enough to get rid of tall cabinets and replace them with open-shelving – you may also want to add an arc-shaped pantry for storing spices, goods, plates, and cups. For more inspiration, visit hookedonhouses at the following link:

Before & After: Jennifer’s Cottage Kitchen Makeover

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