Fascinating and Unique Wall Decoration Ideas You Can Add to Your Bedroom Today

Wall Decorating IdeasWhen it comes to a room, the hardest item to decorate is also the most necessary to the whole of the house: the walls. We talk here about many wall decoration ideas you can apply to your bedroom.

Some knock down walls, others shove furniture in front of them or hang gaudy pictures to mask their presence.

Walls, however, can be used to display some of the most fascinating and unique decor available today.

The utilitarian purposes of walls are well understood. Walls hold up the ceiling which in turn protects us from the elements.

Master Room Wall Decorating Ideas

If you want to learn how to make a wonderful family gallery wall, here is the best tutorial I’ve found on the internet: tatertotsandjello.com

Just because walls are a necessary part of any room does not mean that they should be treated as a nuisance. Many understand the importance of colors and the many uses they have. Deviating from the normal white wall is no longer seen as daring or innovative but as required in order to have a modern and trendy home. Walls, however, can be used in other ways….

Walls can be terrific canvases with a wide variety of options for those creative enough to take advantage.

Bedroom Wall Art

Bedroom wall art is no longer resigned to sit in bulky frame. The framed wall art itself can be thus the focal point for the entire room.

Bedroom Wall Artimage pinterest

There are plenty of companies offering custom wall decals and decor that not only look snazzy but offer function and use.

For those desiring something truly new and creative; pop art wall tiles are available.

These tiles come in an array of textures, shapes and designs some of which resemble whimsical toy blocks.

The tiles come in vivid colors and can be used as accents or to create interesting patterns.


Lighting can also be affixed to walls thus saving space and creating specific moods for the room.

  • LED lighting is very popular and can be used in numerous ways.
  • LED light bars can come in every color of the rainbow and beyond and are used to create just the right ambiance whether it’s the bedroom or the living room.

LEDs are not harsh like fluorescent lights and lack that annoying whine.

Murals Wall Decor

Murals can also be used to illustrate any wall. Murals are not just for those downtown buildings near the historic district anymore.

Murals Wall Decor

Check out “48 Eye-Catching Wall Murals to Buy or DIY” at brit.co/diy-wall-murals/

Anything can be painted on those blank walls whether it’s a summer’s day at the pond or clever designs that offer a glimpse into a room that is simply not there.

With the many options out there for decorators and consumers it is simply a wonder that there are walls that still resemble barren wastelands.

Walls are no longer necessary evils but are viable parts of the design process.

So when the time to redecorate comes again,  pay careful consideration and care to the walls

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