Window Glass Types for a Sunroom and How To Select the Kind Of Glass for Them?

window glass typesYou must pay due attention to the window glass types for your sunroom. The windows vary depending on the style, shape and size. They can be made out of wood, aluminum, vinyl or clad. The window glass can be triple paned, tempered, glazed, inert gas filled or coated with metals for low e glass. The style includes casement windows, picture windows, three sliders, double casement, garden windows, bay windows, box windows, cottage windows, hopper windows and the awning windows.

That’s a lot of things….

Sunrooms are the perfect place to relax during leisure time. But to make the room perfect, you need to make sure that everything from roof to the floor is made properly.

One such vital requirement for making a perfect sunroom includes the windows. The style and placement of the windows can either mar or make the beauty of the sunroom. Thus, while planning the sunroom construction, you must attach importance to the way you are going to place the window and the material with which you are going to construct it.

There are certain things that you should keep in mind before selecting the window including the size of the window, the style, the color of frame, the material of glass and the design. Moreover, there are a few things that come automatically at the back of your mind when you select the window including the shutters, blinds and the awnings. Make sure that the blinds that you select matches with the style and color of the window frame. You can also select from a range of motorized awnings and manually operated awnings in various shades and sizes.

Sunroom Specific Window Glass Types

The windows vary depending on the style, shape and size. If you have a budget constrain, you can opt from a range of fixed windows that are less expensive than the ones that open up.

Your window selection will also vary according to the window glass type of material that you use.

Wood Windows

Those made of wood provide greater energy efficiency. They are the most expensive option available, thus it is advisable to opt for it only if your budget permits you to. Most of the wooden windows are custom built and they require periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Wood window glass

Vinyl Windows

The windows of vinyl also provide enhanced energy efficiency. They cost less than the wooden counterparts and can be found only in some range of colors. However, you can paint it after buying and you need not spend any extra time in maintaining it.

vinyl window glass

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum window glass types

The aluminum ones are not as energy efficient as the vinyl and wood windows. Thus, you need to place thermal break to decrease the heat transfer. The most popular choice is the clad windows. They cost less and are as energy efficient as the wood windows. image credit

With clad windows, you need not worry about regular maintenance since they are usually maintenance free.

Sunroom Windows and the Material of the Glass

The window type also depends on the material of the glass. For staying in extreme climatic conditions, you require special glasses that will help to keep the sunroom warm during winter months and cool during the sultry summer months.

The triple paned glazing consists of two insulation layers created by placing three glass panes. This helps to restrict the loss of heat. You can also opt for the argon or inert gas filled windows.

In this type of windows, the space that is in between the window panes is filled with some type of inert gas, mostly argon gas. This helps to retain the temperature of the room by preventing the heat and cold outside air and temperature from affecting indoor room temperature.

The low-E or the low-emission glasses are coated with thin metallic layers, mostly silver. This type of layering is effectual in allowing only the light to pass and blocking the heat. With the help of the low-E glass, you can restrict the outdoor temperature change from affecting the indoor room temperature.

Safety Glasses for Sunrooms

The safety glasses are very common and are required mostly for the skylarks. Among all the safety glasses, tempered glass is the most popular. This is because if the glass breaks, they crumble into blunt small pieces instead of large sharp edged glass pieces.

Skylarks are useful in those sunrooms that do not have the all glass roofs. They bring in extra amount of light and air into the room. Usually, all the skylark glasses are glazed and tempered. There are various types of skylarks. The fixed ones can not be opened and are very economical. The ventilated fixed skylarks consist of small vents on the fixed glass that can be opened. The ventilated skylarks can be manually or automatically handled.

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