Winter is Coming – Is Your Home Ready?

winter-is-coming-is-your-home-readyAs the colder winds of winter begin to blow, it’s only natural that you begin to wonder if your home is ready for these cooler days.

To best to prepare your home, you need to begin to think about removing the traces of summer fun and start readying your home to keep in warmer air.  Here are the ways you can use to winterize your home in one day:

  • First of all, you will want to remove any patio furniture or other outside structures that were designed for the warmer months.
  • As it snows, this furniture can become damaged, so you want to move it indoors if you can in order to preserve it.  And regardless, since you’re not using it anyway, it’s not going to be missed.
  • You will also want to have someone come out to check your heating system before the first snow.  This will prevent any surprise problems in the dead of winter when everyone is calling for repairs too.
  • Also, be sure to have your pipes looked at to be sure they are properly insulated.  When they are not, they can be prone to cracking and exploding, leading you to more problems than you really need.

easy ways to get your home ready for winter

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BuzzFeed Life Home Winter Tips

If your home is ready, then you can get great Feng Shui tips for a warm home & exciting life in winter here.

feng Shui tips for a warm home

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